horizon Post #365

Responding to COVID-19

THe COVID-19 pandemic has provided unique challenges to small businesses and start-ups: Meshu (r) has been no exception. To address this, and reposition our business for re-opening, we have had to make tough decisions.

Over the last several months, we have taken steps to stabilize our in-person development labs in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Philadelphia, PA. This has led to closures of one of our Washington, DC labs as well as the close of our sole Philadelphia, PA lab. This has additionally caused us to curtail our schedule of services as we seek to establish dedicated online tools and resources for existing and potential clients.

As of today, we do not foresee additional closures but have restricted in-person work, training, and consultations at all remaining locations. We continue to drive towards a goal of resuming offering our full schedule of products and services. Please feel free to review our updated capacity statement for more details.